SURFSKI: Winning the Races is ideal for individuals wanting to step onto the podium or just keen to be more competitive against their paddling peers. It is a thrill to cross a finish line in front of a knowledgeable and responsive crowd. Podium steps are reserved for those athletes putting in the effort and continually attaining their full potential.
Performing well in an event and replicating this in subsequent outings requires deliberate preparation, application and skill. There is no magic formula that guarantees success or even to becoming a leading contender.
Achieving a win is not realistic at every outing, but when it is your turn, all the hard work and sacrifices become worthwhile. An excellent performance is seldom a random fluke. Even for an expert ocean racer, purposeful physical and mental application is a prerequisite to achieving successful outcome. Winning is a result that only you can experience; it cannot be shared.

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