"Our point is that Hindu society must not perish nor must it stagnate in its present state of weakness. We want it to live because it can be mighty and beautiful, and also because it is indian, nay because it is India itself, We have no other reason to defend it." 
"Hinduism is to be examined in the light of its human value. India is great to the eyes of the intelligent world, because of our human value, because of what she stands for." 
These pages were written after a year and a half work with the Hindu Mission (headquarters: Kalighat, Calcutta) in Bengal and Assam. They express a very old national outlook on religion, in the light of recent personal experiences. The Hindus who have a long and continuous experience among their countrymen, both in the social and political field, are humbly requested not to take offence of any such statements of a junior worker, which may seem premature to them.

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