Make art an adventure for your child with classic picture book character, Katie! For over 25 years, Katie has stepped into the most famous and familiar paintings in the world for an exciting adventure. This latest edition of a classic really is the best way to introduce children to a lifetime love of art. Katie leaps through the frames of five famous paintings from the Spanish School. Why not collect all 13 titles in the Katie series.
Katie needs ideas for a costume, and the princess dress in a painting seems the very thing. But she soon discovers that fancy clothes and adventures don't always mix. And wherever you find Katie, you'll find fun close behind!
The five masterpieces featured are:
Portrait of the Infanta Margarita by Velazquez,
Don Manuel Osorio de Zuniga by Goya,
The Parasol by Goya,
A Peasant Boy Leaning on a Sill by Murillo,
Philip IV of Spain in Brown and Silver by Velazquez

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