"Perfect Compost - the complete guide to composting at home" is the perfect guide for anybody interested in composting. Whether you have never composted before or have tried to compost unsuccessfully in the past, this guide is a one-stop guide to making great compost. This comprehensive guide takes you through all steps from what can be composted, types of composting through to the use and benefits of compost in your garden. This describes many different ways to compost to provide a solution to suit the gardener with the large sprawling garden, and that of the gardener with a small patio and potted plants. It describes a section on vermicomposting - the use of worms to compost, along with a section on compost tea, a great secret weapon in your gardening arsenal. This guide also contains a handy troubleshooting section to allow you to spot and cure any problems that may occur during composting. This guide contains a wealth of hints and tips, and highlights many of the common mistakes composters often make. Compiled by seasoned horticulturists and gardeners, with this guide you will have Always Perfect Compost.

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