Up to 90% of sudden wealth is lost according to research. Why? What makes sudden wealth so different and so fleeting for so many people? And more importantly, how can you avoid the unforeseen dangers and mistakes even the most money-smart and sophisticated people often make? This book reveals the following 12 principles to ensure your sudden wealth becomes lasting wealth.
1. Take Control
2. Slow Down
3. Get Help
4. Upgrade Money Beliefs
5. Manage Relationships
6. Say No
7. Help the Right Way
8. Create a Better Life
9. Set Spending Limits
10. Protect Wealth
11. Grow Wealth
12. Stay on Track
If you received money from inheritance, lawsuit judgment, divorce, sale of a business, stock options, lottery win, or from an entertainment or sports contract, The Sudden Wealth Solution shows you how to protect your money, save on taxes, and create lasting wealth.

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