Comedy drama as Robert Carlyle plays Barney Thomson, a downtrodden barber who has fallen from grace in his meagre barbering life. One day whilst almost losing his job, Barney comically falls into the unthinkable role of a serial killer. As he sweats out his predicament, and attempts to cover his tracks clumsily, a Police Detective investigating a series of murders in the area begins to suspect Barney may not be all he appears to be. All the while Barney’s mother Cemolina cheerfully emasculates her son, setting off a bloody chain of events.

Customer Reviews

A timeless comedy classic.

Strong performances from a superb cast, particularly Emma Thompson and Robert Carlyle. The superb script helps the film move along at a brisk pace. This is a film that you’ll be watching for years in the future and still laughing.


despite been a resonably predictable plot I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Thompson is outstanding as are Carlisle and Winstone who are both very entertaining. Execellent watch and indeed a wee gem.

A wee gem indeed

I wasn’t expecting this to be so good. Brilliant cast and funny.

A wee gem.

Grumpy GP
Gripped from beginning to end.
Laugh out loud.
Fantastic and genuine Glasgow imagery.

First Class 🎩

Great adaptation. Emma Thompson lights up the screen like a shiny Oscar every moment she appears. Robert Carlyle's finest hour as an actor and great direction from him too. With Fabian Wagner's cinematography he crafts an intoxicating, realistic view of Glasgow -fully understanding its beguiling beauty. The scenes at Shawfield and the Barrowland Ballroom on Saltmarket (the end of my street!) stick in my mind. It's the perfect backdrop to the dark antics going on, that entertain throughout. Not one to miss really. Exceptional. My personal favourite film of the year. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️