55BC – Somewhere In Britain: The Princesses of the Dubonni tribe are three unlikely sisters: Smirgut The Fierce (Fiona Allen), ferocious warrior and full-time mum, Dwyfuc (Doon Mackichan), desperate spinster in search of a hairy husband and Worthaboutapig (Sally Phillips), clumsy village bee-herder. Roman soldiers kidnap Dwyfuc, detaining her in Boulogne. Seduced by Roman society, she reveals locations of British ports crucial to the Romans’s invasion strategy. Smirgut and Worthaboutapig set out on a perilous rescue mission - together they must prevent the downfall of Celtic Britain, encountering gods, lawyers, soothsayers, barbarians and the Otherworld. Girl power is alive and kicking and ready to take on the Romans...

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