When Christmas comes each year and children’s thoughts turn toward Santa Claus and his reindeer flying through the night sky bringing presents, the magic of the season will prove to be as infectious as ever, thrilling each glad heart it touches. This program explores the history surrounding Christmas and the jolly old elf himself, Santa Claus. Take wonderful journey to explore the delights of Christmas. Find out all about Santa Claus and follow the Reindeer’s tracks all the way to Lapland, where the snow glistens and Santa waits by a welcoming, crackling fire to greet his visitors. As well as meeting Santa Claus, there are lots of Christmas stories and places to see, full of seasonal magic. Perfect as Christmas approaches or throughout the holiday season, this program will introduce the traditional tales of Christmas to younger viewers while treating more experiences lovers of the season to a truly beautiful, nostalgic ride on Santa’s Sleigh.

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