WRONG ROSARY (UZAK İHTİMAL) tells a peculiar love story that takes place in the wonderful atmosphere of modern-day Istanbul. Musa is a young muezzin who comes to Istanbul for the first time in his life. He is assigned to work in a mosque and receives an apartment in the Galata neighborhood. Upon his arrival he meets and falls for his next door neighbor Clara, a beautiful Catholic nurse. In the beginning, Musa is shy and confused about his feelings, but as time passes his love for Clara pervades his life. When he visits Clara in her church, he meets the old bibliopole Yakup, and little surprises start to come out of the three intersecting lives.
WRONG ROSARY (UZAK İHTİMAL) won many awards in both international and national festival circuits including Golden Tiger in Rotterdam. It tells a story of sensuality, love and grief growing in the anonymity of a large multicultural city.

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