Komban is a 2015 Tamil action-drama film directed by M. Muthaiah and produced by Studio Green. The film stars Karthi and Lakshmi Menon with G. V. Prakash Kumar composing the film's music. Kombaiah Pandian (Karthi) plays a local rowdy who takes pleasure in shooing away thugs and those who aims at disrupting peace in his locality. In other words he is that hero who fights against wrongdoers and also inspires others to do the same. Meanwhile he gets married to Palani (Lakshmi Menon) and develops a healthy bond with her father, Muthiah, only after disliking him in the first place. At one point of time he gets violent enough to injure his father-in-law and later repents and understands the value of a father figure. While going about his usual business, Pandian, unexpectedly and unfortunately runs into Gundan Ramasamy. Things change dramatically when Pandian hampers his unusual routine thus starting a war of sorts.

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