Keanu Reeves stars as Evan Webber, a happily married architect who appears to have everything a man could ever dream of – a loving and successful wife, two beautiful children and an expensive home. During a weekend alone, his peaceful existence is interrupted by the sudden arrival of two lost and seemingly innocent young girls. After naively inviting them in while they wait for a taxi, the night takes a sudden and disturbing turn when a debaucherous mistake evolves into a living nightmare.

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Gavin b
To be honest I have not seen this movie yet- but I'm guessing a lot of the bad reviews are because of the high price Apple are charging to own it?- lower the price Apple and reviews may reflect fairer!
I want to see this movie but I refuse to pay £14 to own a movie that could be pants!
UPDATE!!!!!- I've seen this movie now for free on Sky! Wow!- I am glad I didn't pay £14 for it!- I would have felt ripped off if I had even paid £4 for it too!!!
Could have been so good!..... BUT IT WASNT!!


Joker jarvis
Don't know why there's so many bad reviews.

Just awful!

I really like Keanu as an actor but this is easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen, please don't waste your money on watching this!!

Truly awful. Seriously, just don't do it.

I don't even know where to begin when describing the awful, embarrassing mess that is this movie. The plot is ludicrous, the characters are ridiculous and I'm sad that Keanu let this happen. Unless you are 6 years old, or a demented sociopath, watch something else. Anything else.

It’s good - Keanu’s acting is awful

Good film… it’s different, edgy and entertaining enough.


Nothing good to say. Just don't bother watching this predictable trash. can't believe people get paid to make such idiots of themselves.

Wow this is bad!!!

Don't do it! There are no words to say how bad this film is. Don't waste your time, money, life! Keanu what were you thinking?

A niche piece that isn't for everyone

Keanu Reeves is well cast as the nice guy/good family man who tries to help two women who show up on his door step. They turn out to be sociopaths who proceed to mentally torture him and wreck his life in a darkly comedic way. Contrary to other reviewers I found the acting to be fine, even Reeves woodeness suited the film. Many may be disappointed by how hapless he is in this film essentially proving incapable of beating the girls even in a physical confrontation but this is not the Matrix and the film does derive some humour from this aspect. Overall it is certainly worth a rental.


Not arsed
Wooden acting on par with his bill and ted days
Actually cringed in embarrassment at certain times in this film
Terrible acting pointless plot cringeworthy characters.
If I could give this film zero stars it would get it.
Sooooo bad

Bad, Really Bad !

Well Keanu has made some dodgy films in his career but this has to be the worst! Simply awful. I cannot remember seeing a film in a cinema where so many people walked out but I am not surprised. I did brave it to the end and I wish I could say it was " so bad it has to be seen" but NO. Don't be tempted to rent or buy this , just let to slide into oblivion where it belongs !