A new film from the producers of Ride the Divide.
Inspired to Ride follows a handful of cyclists from around the world as they race unsupported in the inaugural year of a 4,233 mile transcontinental race across the USA. This race is the antithesis to events like Tour de France and Race Across America. There are no teams, no support vehicles, no special jerseys and not a dime in prize money.
As they battle lack of sleep, injuries and spirited competition, INSPIRED TO RIDE takes us on an invigorating road trip - amidst the jaw-dropping beauty of the TransAmerica Trail with its varied landscapes, intriguing locals and found stories which dot this path of discovery.

Customer Reviews


That was so damn good.
I'm really glad the girl beat the Italians and was a race.

A unique perspective of life and ambition

More than a bike riding documentary. Human spirit, personal goals, endurance, commitment and the unique perspectives people have of life. Great soundtrack, quirky characters both on and off the bike and a gentle journey from your lounge chair of a punishing epic race. Great stuff.

Inspiring Indeed!

What a fantastic film this is, I was lucky enough to meet Mike Hall and chat to him at a 24hr MTB race a few years ago, it was great to hear about his exploits on the Tour Divide, since then of course he’s moved on and won this incredible race. It’s amazing to see the story and what all the riders go through to finish something like this. A warning to anyone who watches this though, you’re going to want to go out on your bike as soon as the credits roll….

Return to form

After the fizzer that was Reveal the Path, good to see Mike Dion return to form with Inspired to Ride. I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed Ride the Divide. Will no doubt watch it again any time I want to get arc'd up and ready for a long ride out into the hills.