Cheeky and clumsy Albert lives in the small town of Kellytown, where he is always up to no good. One day he accidentally knocks over the town’s prized statue of a famous hot air balloon captain. The townspeople are not happy with Albert’s latest accident. Determined to make up for his mistake, Albert plans to venture into the world and come back as a hot air balloon captain! But what’s a crazy adventure without a sidekick? Albert, being Albert, kidnaps his pirate-wannabe best friend, Egon and they find themselves sailing down a river to an exotic gypsy market and get involved in the robbery of the world’s biggest diamond! Will their friendship be strong enough to deal with the big time crook Rapollo, and to reach both their dreams?

Customer Reviews

Sweet and unique story with potential

The animation itself is quite pretty with some nice detail and the characters are designed quite well. The story itself is interesting, but not as punchy as those from big animation companies and i liked the overall feel.
The only thing that got me was the lip-syncing. It was pretty bad and very distracting from what should've been an engaging story. I understand the difficulties that come with animaton, but I just thought that going that extra mile would've kept me keen.
What should've been an original and totally great story was ruined by the mis-matched lip-sync. Rent before you buy, but I feel that every animation-lover should watch it once.