Pilot Captain Salih Ekrem Yüzbaşı is a young air officer and one of the first Ottoman pilots. He lost his wife during the birth of his little daughter, Gülmelek. In February 1915 with the first assaults of the British fleet, Salih Ekrem Yüzbaşı entrusts Gülmelek to her grandmother’s care and leaves Istanbul to go to Gallipoli, flying on “one of the first planes”. One day, while engaged in an air reconnaissance mission, Salih rushes to the aid of a group of Turkish medical personnel, among which is a young nurse by the name of Nihal, when they are attacked by two English planes. Although heavily injured during the skirmish, he and Nurse Nihal manage to save a young boy named Fuat. An orphan, Fuat takes shelter under the wing of Nurse Nihal, Captain Dr. Ragıp, Nurse Erika and the captain of the Nusrat, Captain Hakkı. Seeing their own children reflected in the “Little Veteran” Fuat, everyone is doing their best to protect him. In the heat of the most violent and terrifying days of the war, Fuat will be the force that draws Captain Salih and Nihal closer together. When Nihal is required by her duties to return to Istanbul, this togetherness will blossom into a great love expressed in letters...

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