Raised in a remote tribal village, Shivudu grows up a carefree young man who relentlessly pursues his heart's desire. This leads him on an adventure to a completely unfamiliar territory. On this journey, he falls in love with Avantika, a Nishada soldier. To win her over, Shivudu takes on the dangerous mission of rescuing Devasena from the tyrant King Bhallaladeva. Shivudu manages to free Devasena and during their escape, uncovers the truth behind his mysterious past. A flashback unfolds here with King Vikramadeva of Mahishmati passing away suddenly, leaving behind an empty throne and an orphaned son, Bahubali. The kind and righteous Sivagami, wife to Bijjaladeva and biological mother to Bhalladeva, goes onto adopt her nephew and raises him as her own. This decision however, bears consequences; having to share his mother’s love and the status of a crown prince, Bhallaladeva secretly grows to be highly jealous of and hateful toward Bahubali. His resentment further grows when his mother chooses Bahubali as the King of Mahishmati. After establishing that Shivudu is in fact the son of Bahubali and Devasena, the film ends in a cliff-hanger, leaving the audience wondering about the death of Bahubali.

Customer Reviews

Very good movie !!!

Must watch ..

All rounder

Great in all aspects, has moments of comedy, romance, great action and a great story too!

Amazing movie

This is not the usual Bollywood. Indian movie with a Hollywood budget. Absolute masterpiece. Must watch.

baahubali is a monster of a movie+++++++++

rivirere des anguilles
Where do you start from this movie. For a south Indian to make a movie of such magnitude, there are no expletives left to describe this movie. IT IS A BRILLIANT MOVIE ON EVERY LEVEL. SS Rajamolli Sir, i salute you. Cant wait for the second part, all the leading actors perform extremely well. A beautiful movie.