‘The Cage’ tells the story of those who lived through the period before and after the revolution of 1980, and the events begin with the urge on the part of Mehmet Sipahi and his comrades, İhsan and Celal, to avenge Dursun Önkuzu. Those who aim to create chaos use Murat, who believes in the same cause, and join the effort to draw everyone into an impasse. While everyone is gripped by fear because of the events they are living through, what Elif and Mehmet Sipahi face brings love between them.Though they have very different political views, they were still counting on each other. Mehmet Sipahi, believing that the cause he is defending is for his county and those who live in it, comes up against those closest to him. Mustafa and Kadir, who he knows from the neighbourhood, are two close friends. One is a leftist … the other idolizes Mehmet Sipahi. Kadir is pressed to murder Mehmet Sipahi by Mahmut, who describes himself as a revolutionary … and Mustafa, without realizing it, becomes a partner in Murat’s squalid games.

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