Britain, 1975: Brian Clough is sacked as manager of Leeds United after just 44 days in charge. Seemingly impossible to work with, Clough's only offer of work comes from a run-down second division club called Nottingham Forest, who are going nowhere fast. Set to a fantastic 70s soundtrack, using unseen footage of games and the great man himself, and including interviews with every player from Clough's European Cup-winning side, I Believe in Miracles is the untold story of how the team nobody believed in and the manager nobody wanted, went on to beat the world's best and become one of the greatest sides in British football history.

Customer Reviews


El warbo
Even if you’re not a Nottingham Forest supporter, this film is brilliant. It’s shot and edited with snappy 70s 80s music and is a great insight to the brilliant mind of Brian Clough and his side Peter Taylor.


This film is outstanding. 5/5


Absolutely loved this film. Brian Clough was a genius and we'll never see the likes of his sort in football again. A very clever mix of footage from 'Ol bighead, the games and interviews with the lads that made it all happen on the pitch. A must see for any football fan who wants to see a bit of magic.


Ear 'Ole
I’m not a Forest fan, but I love the Brian Clough at Forest story. This documentary does a great job of packing the incredible saga into a film (although not all of it). Full of great interviews and match footage, telling it all at a good pace.
My only gripe is the lack of time spent on the SECOND European Cup. Due to time constraints I presume.
But still, a really brilliant documentary, the great man himself would have enjoyed.
(Makes up for the truly AWFUL ‘The Damned United’ film.)


Kevin Cunnington
It could never happen again.. less unless Claudio does it at Leicester ;-)

A life changer!!!

Fisherman's Arms
An amazing film and what a fantastic achievement. I was lucky enough to see both finals and experience the midweek European games from the luxury of the Trent End!! Changed me and my life...thank you Brian Clough, Peter Taylor and a team made up of nobody's, has beens and Mavericks.

What an underrated achievement!

Two European cups on the bounce after winning the old Divison one!