Time To Play. Picking up right where the events of Hellraiser left off, Hellbound: Hellraiser II expands upon the terrifying universe created in Clive Barker’s original film – taking us into the very depths of Hell itself. Having escaped the clutches of the Cenobites at 55 Ludovico Street, Kirsty Cotton awakens to finds herself detained at the Channard Institute, a hospital for the mentally ill. The doctors and authorities alike are less than convinced by her tales of demonic beings from another realm, and a mysterious puzzle box which can be used to summon them – all except for Dr Channard himself, a man whose unhealthy curiosity will see the Cenobites called upon once again to wreak unholy chaos. Whereas Barker’s Hellraiser was a tight-knit, claustrophobic family-bound horror, director Tony Randel’s Hellbound: Hellraiser II dramatically increases the scope of the burgeoning franchise and delivers a sequel that is both more gruesome and fantastical than its predecessor.

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