Join Noel for slices of fresh standup, sketches and live animation featuring everyone's favourite Plastacine punk Joey Ramone. Gasp in horror as the moon reveals his evil counterpart (the dark side of the moon). Dance yourself crazy with music from the Loose Tapestries and witness Noel get into a fight with a large red triangle from Essex (Tom Meeten) who's having an affair with his wife played by his brother (Michael Fielding). Explode with delight as New York cop verbally and physically assaults members of the audience leaving Fantasy Man with the unrealistic task of saving the day. Warning - This show may contain a reverse Minotaur with the head of Nick Cave.

Customer Reviews

Moonage Daydream

I love Noel Fielding. I think he should marry Paloma Faith. Imagine the parents evening. I'd take up teaching just to be there for that session.
Having said that, I don't think stand up is his thing. He's much better in other areas of comedy and art. Hi Noel.


My sister loved it! It was a great Christmas present and she wouldn't be quiet about it. Also every time we want to make each other laugh we say 'I would rather shave my face with a potat' It actually said 'I would rather chafe my face with a potato peeler' a bit violent but hilarious!

I'd rather shave my face with a potatoe peeler

Was brought this item as a gift.
What a load of drivel.