EVERY LAST CHILD is the dramatic story of five people impacted by the current polio crisis in Pakistan. It tells of their sorrow, sacrifice and fearless determination in the face of mistrust, cynicism and violence.
In 2012, polio persisted in only three countries and the number of victims was steadily decreasing. Pakistan was the key - with over 80% of all endemic cases. However, when the Pakistan Taliban issued a ban against the polio vaccination programme, and incited fatal attacks against vaccinators, Pakistan's vaccination campaign was thrown into disarray.
Now, families and healthcare workers find themselves in the cross-hairs of politics and bloodshed as they attempt to protect their children from polio. At this critical time, when we are closer than ever before to global eradication, increased international support and commitment can see the end of polio, once and for all.
Every Last Child brings together a set of powerful characters – medical specialist, vaccinator, cynic, adult polio victim and sick child. A story vivid in detail, intense with feeling, we see the backdrop to a desperate search for a solution to this devastating disease.
Will these everyday heroes succeed and end Polio in our lifetime, or will another young generation be at risk?

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