Being AP is the incredible inside story of a sporting legend. As AP McCoy nears the end of his career, the characteristics that have driven him to dominate the most dangerous of sports remain as strong as ever. Fearless and willing to sacrifice everything to achieve his goals, this film reveals the exhaustive training routine, injuries, doubt, triumphs, failures, and AP’s soul-searching to find a way to leave the stage.With unprecedented access to AP and those closest to him, Being AP celebrates an incredible man who became the greatest jump jockey the world has ever seen.

Customer Reviews


I love AP, the man is a legend, and I have watched him his whole career. Watching horse racing with out him isn't the same. This film was so disappointing on all level's ( i agree the music is awful ) , it should be renamed "listening to AP's wife wanting him to retire".. It was about him retiring her going on, and that's about it. No history of his life ,no interviews with family or other jockeys, if you know about the Legend that is AP, this film with show you nothing you didn't know.


Regardless if you follow racing or not, for a professional sportsman who risks his life on a daily basis, he is quite simply amazing. A must see for anyone who appreciates dedication, hard work and sheer guts to push your body and mind to the limit.

Doesn’t make him justice

I feel suicidal after watching this - the super depressing music is really getting on my nerves.
IMO, it should have been made to celebrate an outstanding career and achievement, but it’s made like an orbituary.
Sack the director.