Quinn Forte is the head of the most notorious crime organisation in Los Angeles known as “The Company”, that hides behind the facade of a financial investment firm run by his father. He and his strong-arm, Sicario parade as Wall Street gurus by day and high-end thieves by night. Kurt, his much younger brother, who is unaware of Quinn's secret, idolises him. After a bad deal ends with a nightmarish blood bath, Quinn's real identity is revealed, his father is murdered and Kurt's life is in jeopardy. In custody, Quinn agrees to take the fall and to not speak a word of “The Company” in exchange for the life of his brother. Quinn is released early and soon finds himself faced with the same demons he wanted to leave behind. The company is now ruled with an iron fist by Campbell, who used to be Quinn's assistant, but will never have the loyalty of his underlings the way Quinn once did. Campbell's first order of business was to cripple Sicario, whom he now treats like his fool. Quinn comes home to Kurt, now an FBI agent assigned to bring down The Company. Kurt blames him for the murder of their father. Quinn teeters between a hellish spiral back into his old ways and, in a blaze of bullets, Quinn and Sicario battle for Kurt's forgiveness and Quinn's own redemption as he fights to rise above his dark past...

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