Ajay (Aamir Bashir) and Sonia (Sonal Sehgal) aspire to be successful in Bollywood --- Sonia as an actress and Ajay as a script writer. Both are hard-working and take up any given job to make ends meet. The two, however, strive hard to get over mediocrity. Sonia wants to eventually graduate to films from TV, while Ajay seeks a producer who would like his realistic script. Sonia finds it awkward to be a 'TV star' and yet live in a 1 BHK house in a middle-class locality. She dreams of owning a luxurious penthouse someday. Sonia wants it all and wants it sooner. She drags Ajay to an astrologer who guarantees her a 'bright future', that too, within 7 days. Do things turn out as foretold by the astrologer?

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