A massive explosion rips though a busy street in Istanbul, Turkey. 95 people are dead; 30 Americans and 5 British are among them. The massacre sends shockwaves from Turkey to London and Washington, D.C. A new terrorist organisation is behind the attack and the explosion is just the beginning. “Labyrinth” is the code name of the operation conducted by Turkish intelligence to stop a second, more devastating attack that will plunge Turkey, the only democratic Muslim country in the region, into chaos and destroy the fragile balance of the Middle East. After the initial attack, Turkey becomes a battlefront between terrorists and Turkish, British and American intelligence officers. Everyone has his own agenda in the fight that stretches from Istanbul to Eastern Turkey and from Frankfurt to Northern Iraq. The story revolves around a group of Turkish intelligence officers and their race to stop the terrorist organisation. The group is led by Fikret, a veteran with nothing in his life but his career, and Reyhan, one of the best field operatives in the country who’s also a single mum trying to balance her family life with a career in the shadows. Despite Fikret’s reluctance to admit it, their common struggle and hardships bring them closer.

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