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The struggle of time and space—of distorted worlds and alternate dimensions—continues to rage, with Ash and friends once again caught in the middle!Michina Town is at the heart of the action. The town has a long history and checkered past in relation to the mighty Arceus. After Arceus granted the townspeople some of its power as the Jewel of Life, they betrayed the Mythical Pokémon!Ash and his friends, accompanied by their new companion Sheena, travel in time with Dialga’s help to right the mistakes of the town’s ancestors before the world crumbles under the power of Arceus’s rage. Did Sheena’s ancestors truly betray Arceus? Will our heroes be able to fix the mistakes of the past?

Customer Reviews

A Must See To Complete The Diamond & Pearl Trilogy!

Arceus and the Jewel of Life is not a mere supplement, it is a must see to complete the Diamond & Pearl trilogy. Finally, with tears of joy, this is also one of the Pokémon films that I can safely say it's entertaining! If you like time-travelling stories and the genre of this film, it is quite certain that you will love this too!