Robert De Niro and Zac Efron get down and dirtier in this unrated version of the raunchy comedy about a wild road trip shared by an uptight guy and his foul-mouthed granddad.

Customer Reviews

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Great you should watch it

Chloe +x
Great movie really funny and good I recommend you
Watch it 10/10

So bad

This is a dreadfully disappointing movie. I can't believe that Robert De Niro actually has wants to be in these movies. It is so bad and not worth wasting your money in it.
I actually bought the movies thinking that as Robert De Niro was in the movie that I would want to watch it again. This will never happen all I want to do now is remove it from my phone

Shockingly bad

Pook face
I'm usually quite kind when it comes to reviews on films, but this is bad. It's over the top trying too hard to be funny that it becomes more cringe. Crossed the line too much. Almost repeating the same lines about drugs and the cops and pam. Like they struggled to fill the gaps in the film and couldn't think of what to say. It's the worst film I've seen in year. Bad bad film. Definitely avoid!

Absolutely Atrocious

Who isn't a Robert De Niro fan? He's proven tack record for comedic sucesses mixed with Zac "The Abs 5000" Efron and some (what turned out to be VERY mild) femal nudity was an easy choice. The laughs are almost non-existent and the writing cheap. De Niro's performance is strong. Yet even with Efron taking his top off practically every other scene - this could not redeem what is a terrible film. Please avoid, honestly not worth a watch.

Great but.....

Good but people like more comedy that nudity 😆

Utter crap Grandpa

What the hell? Great actors doing crap comedy.
Don't waste your money.... Or time

Unbelievably bad


Pretty hilarious

Miguel 9
One of those films I could end up going back to watch time and time again just for good old cheap laughs that still make you smirk afterwards.
De Niro steals the show with his one liners, well supported by Efron.
Just plain, easy, sometimes offensive cheap laughs.
Something we all need! :-)