We’re constantly connected through our phones, laptops and the Web every moment of every day. But while we look at our screens, who’s looking at us? Meet Emma, a beautiful young grad student who has just moved from the Midwest to New York, excited to be on her own in the big city. But when a stalker hacks into her devices, he destroys Emma’s illusions of privacy and she discovers just how fragile our sense of security can be. Ashley Benson stars in the groundbreaking psychological thriller that explores a world where the cameras are always on and someone’s always watching.

Customer Reviews

Great concept, but

I like the concept of this movie, and it certainly is worth a watch. However, I personally dislike an ending that you basically have to make up yourself. When I've paid to watch a movie, I expect a proper conclusion. If I want a cliffhanger, I'll watch any of the plethora of American TV shows.

A bit scary

Well you never know who has hacked into your computer eh we can go about our dryly things and your being watch awful thought it's a really good film I found it a bit scary but the ending well leave it for you to say what you thought probably the same as me enjoy .

Truly amazing

Amazing film,plot is fantastic could watch it over and over again!

Not so 'groundbreaking'.

Pastorius One
Maisie Williams already stated in a truly excellent British film called Cyberbully released January 2015. This is a shameless copy for the American audience.