Obesity is a growing epidemic in America. Every section of the population from kids to adults is affected by this alarming health crisis. Chad and Kenny are now part of the expanding population that is overweight. Years of processed and fast food have taken a toll on their bodies. At one point in their lives, they were both athletic and active. Now they are overweight and unhappy. Kenny, who was once in the military, used to be slim and attractive to women. Now he feels fat and uncomfortable in his own skin. Chad, a diabetic, used to play football and run. Now he can barely play with his son without getting tired. Over the course of 7 days, Kenny and Chad go cold turkey on the unhealthy food that has become a habit and turn to fresh fruit and vegetable juices in an attempt to take back their lives. All day everyday, they will consume juices made fresh by them. They will also engage in activities such as boxing, yoga and spinning to get their bodies moving again. Can Chad and Kenny go from fast food to fresh juice? REAL MEN JUICING chronicles the daily struggle, the highs and lows as Kenny and Chad move toward a healthier lifestyle. Juicing is the train that drives the film, but other themes such as male body image, plant based nutrition, exercise and wellness are also explored. Juicing also puts them at an interesting juxtaposition where conflict, change and habit really highlight the inner struggle they are dealing with. The film includes facts on juicing, the personal struggles of the main two characters as well as interviews from leading medical professionals.

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