Popular beautician Sammy (Louis Koo) has the good fortune of being hired as the CEO of a cosmetics company, but quickly finds that he has his work cut out for him when the female employees reject him outright. Later, in order to maintain his good standing with the billionaire's girlfriend who hired him (Yan Ni), Sammy recruits his best friend Keung (Donnie Yen), a talented make-up artist, to promote the products at a high profile shopping mall. Before long, Keung's sales are skyrocketing. Yet despite maintaining a healthy relationship with his clients, hapless Keung just can't seem to break through to his mysterious lover Moni (Carina Lau). With his professional reputation now on the line, Sammy attempts to spark a love connection between his pretty assistant Kit (Cecilia Cheung) and wealthy jetsetter Slippery (Chapman To). Meanwhile, the ambitious beautician is forced to come to terms with the fact that he's fallen in love with Kit, and can't bear to see her in the arms of another man.

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