With the bloodiest battle in American history finally ending, an embattled soldier haunted by the demons of combat, finds himself embroiled in a conflict between two Southern clans. Escaping the horrors witnessed during the Civil War, Wade (James Badge Dale, Iron Man 3, The Walk, The Lone Ranger) returns home to his only surviving relatives in rural Texas. Trapping animals for their pelts to make a meagre living, his family live in fear of the brutish neighbouring cattle-ranching McCluskey’s.Upon making this discovery, Wade takes it upon himself to protect his family and put an end to the McCluskey’s reign of terror. However, before long, the rivalry escalates into a war much closer to home; a struggle, this time, of his own making. Starring Maika Monroe (Labor Day, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Bling Ring), William Forsythe (The Rock, Boardwalk Empire) and Ethan Embry (Once Upon a Time, Eagle Eye) comes this gritty Western tale of how far one man will go to stand up for what is right.

Customer Reviews


How does this have 5* reviews? It's like watching paint dry.

Western dust up

Been a long time since I've seen a decent Western. Guns, horses and battling families - good stuff. Enjoyed it.

A star in the making!

Another great performance by Maika Monroe! One to watch for sure.

Great Western

Saw this at Raindance and thought it was a great addition to the Western genre. Maika Monroe (The Guest, It Follows), is especially good