Everyone has secrets .. some are more dangerous than others Eyes of a Thief begins at the height of the second Palestinian Uprising in 2002 with Tareq, an enigmatic man bearing fresh wounds. Tended to by local nuns and a priest, who help him escape, he’s soon arrested by Israeli soldiers. Ten years later Tareq is released from prison and returns to his town, a place transformed by drastic changes and filled with secrets, to find his daughter Nur. His search leads him to an angry girl on the verge of violence; a woman, Lila, who tries to ensure Tareq stays away from the girl she raised; and Adel, the town’s assumed leader, keeping a tight grip by imposing his own dubious laws. As secrets are uncovered, Tareq’s relationship with Nur, Lila, Adel and the locale sheds light on the stifling nature of contemporary Palestinian society, while revealing Tareq’s hidden past. The sense of moral certainty is replaced by questionable individual choices with no easy answers.

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