Tense psychological thriller from Writer and Director David Farr (The Night Manager).
Successful couple Kate (Clémence Poésy) and Justin (Stephen Campbell Moore) are expecting their first baby and live in the top flat of London House. One day, another couple, Jon (David Morrissey) and Teresa (Laura Birn), who are also expecting a baby, move in to the empty flat below. After initially striking up a friendship, everything changes one night at a dinner party, when Kate begins to sense that all is not as it seems with the couple below. Then a tragic accident throws the couples into a nightmare and a reign of psychological terror begins.

Customer Reviews

Great film

Sunny sun 1
Despite the negative reviews I actually really enjoyed this film. It kept you hooked and a great ending too 👍🏻

Terrible anti-cultural rubbish

Agent Finch
Oh my - what a load of garbage. This is a prime example of why the BBC has sunk looooooooow. Just in the first 30 minutes there is so much wrong with the film. Firstly, so the woman downstairs is 'foreign' - it being said with a sort of smirk. Talking of Brexit voters (!!!) And why is it strange to take your shoes of before entering a house? And why is this immediately a sign of being Chinese? You do this in Skandinavia as well! Then the couple is arguing with a mother who has lost her child the day before. Shame on them, no matter what the 'ones below' may say. On top of it all, Clemence de Poesy is wooden in her portrayal as Kate. It begs to wonder whether she is just as uncomfortable in her role as the viewer is to watch it (ie he role). The character of Justin is just downright rude. In fact both male characters are unlikeable. In fact, the whole film is unwatchable. Sad sad day for British filmmaking.


low quality tv style movie, implausible from start to finish and so predictable. buy your baby a toy instead