Siddharth, Omi and Jai are close friends and roommates who are studying at Delhi University. One day Omi and Jai see a girl who is new to their neighborhood and try to impress her by their tricks, but to no avail. However, one day, Siddharth accidentally bumps into Seema and they soon fall in love. Jealous of them dating, Omi and Jai provoke Siddharth against Seema. Sid and Seema break up, following successful attempts by Jai and Omi. Later, one day, Omi and Jai find a poison bottle in Sid's drawer and thought that he has committed suicide. Realizing their mistake, Jai and Omi try several times to unite Sid and Seema again, but in vain. Seema's grandmother comes up with a filmy solution and suggests Jai and Omi to play kidnappers and supposedly kidnap Seema. Then, the aunt goes to Sid and asks him to rescue Seema from the kidnappers. Finally, Sid and Seema start dating again. Seema’s uncle is impressed with Siddharth and announces their marriage.

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