Rani, a Punjabi girl, belongs to a conservative family. Two days before her wedding, her fiancé Vijay refuses to marry her. She decides to take control of her life and goes alone on her pre-booked honeymoon to visit her favorite places, Paris and Amsterdam. In Paris, she meets Vijayalakshmi, who becomes her friend and confidante and shows her around Paris. Once while shopping, Rani tries out what she considers to be a revealing outfit and accidentally sends a selfie of her in it to Vijay instead of Vijayalakshmi. The selfie prompts Vijay to begin searching for her. Later in Amsterdam, she gets horrified to know her room is shared with three guys. The four become good friends and explore the city. Rani’s character gains self confidence. Eventually, Vijay apologizes and asks her to reconsider the relationship, but in vain. Upon returning to India, she meets up with Vijay at his house. She simply hands him her engagement ring and thanks him. Rani leaves his house relieved and relaxed.

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