Stephen Elliott (James Franco) is enjoying a moment of fame and notoriety after publishing a celebrated memoir charting his difficult childhood at the mercy of a brutalising father (Ed Harris). Going from busy book signings to sold-out talk-sessions he is riding the crest of a wave that has hitherto been so uncharacteristic of his life's journey so far. But what goes up must come down and when his estranged father resurfaces in his life, claiming that Stephen fabricated much of the dark childhood that that fuelled his best-selling book, it comes down with a crash. Adrift in the precarious grey area of memory, prescription medication and an onset of serious writers-block Stephen is guided by a new romance with the beautiful and enigmatic Lana (Amber Heard) and the chance to write about an infamous murder trial that reminds him more than a little of his own story.

Customer Reviews

Disappointing drivel

Agent Finch
Surprisingly this film is classed as a thriller, which is far from the truth. The trailer seems to be showing an entirely different and much more exciting film. I thought and hoped that depressing drug infused guilt trips went out in the 90s... I for one am too old for this - life is depressing enough to be drowned in it in film. Some good performances and well shot but bad bad bad story, from beginning to finish.

True deception

Not to see
Good film you must see I was in it play in it was good . Big John 👍

Top notch cast!

Great story and loved the cast.. Good to see films of this quality!