Stationed in Berlin, North Korean secret agent and weapons trader Jong-seong and his embassy staffer wife Jung-hee lead risky lives. When an arms deal with an Arab organization is exposed, Jong-seong’s intuition tells him that North Korean security is compromised and he becomes the target of investigation by South Korean intelligence agent CHUNG. Also in the city is Myung-soo who neutralizes North Korean officials in Berlin. During the succession period after the death of North Korean leader KIM Jong-il, Myung-soo is granted more power and control. When an informant tells Jong-seong that Jung-hee is a double agent he sets out to disprove the claim. But witnessing her visit to the American Embassy is evidence that he cannot ignore. It brings about a personal crisis that ends with Jung-hee as Myung-soo’s hostage, and a three-way confrontation with CHUNG and a group of Arab terrorists on the outskirts of Berlin.

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