After a lifetime of being overlooked and ignored, a woman of a certain age finds her world turned upside down by a handsome new co-worker and a self-help seminar that inspires her to take a chance on love in Hello, My Name is Doris, a witty and compassionate late-life coming-of-age-story.

Customer Reviews

Hello my name is Doris

IM POSSIBLE... I'm taking that and trying to use it daily x
Sally , wow you rock
I cried
I laughed
I loved baby coy , but can't find the songs anywhere
O and then I cried


I laughed, i cried and I laughed some more......amazing!!

What a star!

Patrick Neame
We found this absolutely gripping with a stellar performance from Sally Fields. She must be in contention for an Oscar next time around.
Buy it, don't rent it, you'll want to come back to it again.

Great independent

Great, sweet, fun movie. Sally field is excellent. Sending up the hipster movement as well as oldies.

So Good! So Good! So Good!

Sally Field was monumentally wonderful in this film. We're talking Oscar winning performance plus plus plus here. A wonderful story, beautifully told, excellently filmed. This was a coming of age film in the widest, deepest and broadest possible sense. Sally Field's wonderfully restrained yet finely balanced performance was a joy to watch. I'm sure that in years to come this film will come to be regarded as one of the classics and Sally Field one of the great actresses of our time. I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

Implausible and irritating.

A confession. This film was so dire I couldn't watch it to the end. The first film I've rented from iTunes that's had me do that. The plot is based around the conceit that a much older woman can attract a much younger man because nothing is impossible. Ok so that's a plot line and worth exploring but the dialogue, plot and setting were so unrealistic it had me wanting to shout out loud 'will no one tell her she's making a fool of herself, it's embarrassing.' This was not engaging, empathetic or even remotely funny. Don't bother.

Great, just great.

Sally Fields is delightful, genius and so enchanting as Doris. A lovely love-story that will make you think that there is no such thing as 'impossible'.