Mai is a story of an old desolate mother suffering from Alzheimer’s, tossed between her four children. The only son, for whom she had great expectations, isolates her the moment he lands a job in a foreign country. The two youngest daughters also try to run away from the responsibility. The eldest daughter (Madhu) a self-made woman of substance takes a stand against the wishes of her husband and daughter to take the responsibility of tending for her. During her stay with her daughter Mai reminisces her memories of sorrow and happiness in flashes, as she shifts between senility and clarity. As time progresses, Mai's Alzheimer’s goes from bad to worse. Slowly and steadily she starts reliving her past moments in the present situation. The family life of her daughter is in shambles due to the prevailing tension with her husband (Subhash). At the same time she has the moral responsibility of caring for her sick mother. Madhu balances her disgruntled family and work pressure. The support of her seniors and staff at the workplace helps her to manage her life until; one day the progressing condition of her mother forces her to quit her job. The relation between Mai and her son-in-law takes a miraculous turn, which changes his life forever.

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