Say Yes to Love is a love story. Vijay is a young boy who is molested by a prostitute when his school friends forcibly take him to the red-light area. He escapes from there, but the molestation leaves him so traumatised that he develops fear, and this affects his interaction with girls.His father meets a bold and beautiful girl, Sarah Jones, who tells him that she can erase the trauma from his son's life. The father promises to pay her the hefty fee she demands. Sarah Jones now enters Vijay's life and, slowly but surely, she makes him comfortable in the company of a girl. What's more, as Vijay and Sarah Jones meet more often, they end up falling in love with one another.Once Sarah Jones has completed her part of the contract, Vijay's father pays her off. What happens then? Does the father accept the fact that his son and Sarah are in love? Does Vijay get to marry Sarah? Or does Sarah walk out of Vijay's life?

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