The story revolves around two families, whose leaders had killed each other many years ago. Two sons left from the family - Jaswinder Randhawa (Ajay Devgn) and Balwinder Singh (Sanjay Dutt) are sworn enemies. Jaswinder has hidden in London, whereas Balwinder is waiting for his return in Punjab so he can take revenge for the death of his father. Now in modern day, Jassi Randhawa is an unemployed good-for-nothing who receives a letter from the Punjab government about buying his property in Punjab. To finalize and sell the property, Jassi leaves for Punjab. On the train, he meets and falls in love with Sukhmit (Sonakshi Sinha). In Punjab, Jassi accidentally hurts Billu, and seeing he is new to the area, Billu invites Jassi to his home, where he treats Jassi like a god. There, Jassi realizes that Billu is Sukhmit's brother. Soon enough, it turns out that Billu is actually Balwinder Singh, and realizes that Jassi is short for Jaswinder. However, Billu's family has one rule: a guest in the house should never be disturbed. Now, Billu must wait for Jassi to leave the house in order to kill him. However, Jassi finds out, and comes up with a hilarious plan to foil Billu's shenanigans.

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