The ex-film extra Zafer decides to change his life, when his wife Arzu tells him she wants to leave him. Zafer quits his illegal activities to realize a film project entitled “SUMMITS: THE END OF EVIL” that has been waiting since the 1970s, in order to win back his family and life. He plans to have both Arzu, who wants to become an actress, and the popular TV series star Boğaç Bora in his film. With a budget of three or four hundred thousand Turkish lira, an outdated screenplay, and a crew of limited skills, Zafer heads off on an adventure full of humor, fun, and emotion. He faces the difficulties of making a movie as well as the problems caused by his old criminal life in DVD pirating. Whether or not the money Zafer has found to finance the film comes from his old illegal business and the question, if he and Arzu will become a happy couple again, will pique the curiosity of the audience – “coming soon”.

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