It is the 1990s, the tape-cassette is dying, CDs will soon be the rage and a regular arranged marriage will turn out to be a perfect mismatch. Prem (Ayushmann Khurrana), a 24 years old high-school dropout and a die-hard Kumar Sanu fan, a shy music buff who runs a tape recording shop in Haridwar. Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar), a confident 21 year old, and on her way to becoming a teacher, likes to dance to the band tunes at her own wedding. As they get arranged for a marriage and are supposed to spend a lifetime together - and he is still trying to find balance on their scooter ride together. From overcoming his fear of the English language to dealing with an overbearing father (Sanjay Mishra – Ankhon Dekhi), he discovers that his oversized wife, who he thought was a spanner in his spool, will actually lead him to something quite cool.

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