Dukhtar (Daughter) is a drama/thriller set in Pakistan. A mother kidnaps her ten-year-old daughter to save her from the fate of a child bride. Their daring escape triggers a relentless hunt. As their pursuers close in on them, mother and daughter meet a cynical truck driver who offers an unlikely hope. Their destinies entwined, the trio embark on an epic journey through the stunning landscape of Pakistan where the quest for love and freedom comes with a price.

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ms r.higgs
It's important for everyone to understand that we westerners take things for granted & others have to sacrifice their freedom just to stay alive!!
This film is about real life & real love between a mother and her innocent child, hopefully anybody in (UK/USA ect...) would protect his/her children no matter what it takes-even if it cost them their lives. We all know that child marriages-(child abuse & adult abuse) -is happening all over the world!!- (Child marriages can also happen here!!) -although it's against
the law-our governments/countries don't seem to care.
This film is very good & we all need to care about this subject and understand what people go through.

Visually immense, emotionally intimate

This is a really gorgeous film, and one with an important message -- it speaks of women's empowerment, but it also makes it clear that men have an important role to play in supporting and encouraging this empowerment. The three central performances are really strong, the scenery is breathaking, and there are moments of lightness along with more serious themes. Crucially, it's not 'heavy' or dry -- it doesn't play out like an Important Message Movie -- it's a very human story, and a really rewarding one.