Under the stark white lights of an empty Broadway theatre, a stream of hopefuls audition before Zach, the harsh and critical director of a new musical. There is tension in the air as sixteen are singled out for further auditioning, and as the director and his assistant put the dancers through their paces they begin to relay their lives into word and song. Suddenly an unexpected latecomer arrives. It is Cassie, a beautiful and talented dancer who used to be a star, but flopped in Hollywood and has returned to ask Zach, her former lover, for a job. Passions run high, but he allows her to audition. Over the course of the day the dancers, all desperate for the job, reveal more and more about themselves to the ever watchful director, as he searches for his chosen Chorus Line. Starring Michael Douglas, and directed by Richard Attenborough, A Chorus Line is based on the award winning Broadway musical of the same name.

Customer Reviews

a chorus line

denton pette
Saw this on stage, was keen to see how it fared on the small screen. Pretty decent attempt, however , during the big finale number, One, during the dance scene, there are what appears to be pointless cut aways to Michael Douglas, Why?, this disrupts the flow of the scene, and seems to be missing the point of the carefully planned choreography.