Conceived and brought to life by Cem Gelinoğlu, the colorful title character, Ali Kundilli, is someone who refuses to work at a regular full-time job with benefits, believing that the projects and inventions he churns out will one day bring him huge success. Kindred spirit and childhood friend Vedat lives in the same neighborhood. But Vedat has surrendered to the system and no longer shares Ali’s dream because Ayşe, the girl Vedat loves, agrees to marry him only if he gets a regular job. Meanwhile, Ali is in love with Ayşe’s older sister, İlknur, who also agrees to marry only on that same condition. Nonetheless, Ali is determined to give İlknur the life of luxury she deserves, and continues to pursue his dream. That is, until things take a tragicomical turn at the pre-wedding henna and bachelor party for Ayşe and Vedat.

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