Senay and Ilber are partners in the firm "Senay Dwarfery" where they sell garden gnomes. Their growth-seeking, innovative company does not get much attention and they decide to participate in a business fair in Sofia to raise its profile. They plan to meet new people to grow their business and improve their company.
However, things don't go as planned at the fair. They happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and they soon pay the price by getting into trouble. They find themselves in a very complicated network, in the midst of a battle between the good and the bad. Finding out about the dirty business of tycoon Mancov will not be good for them. The duo now has a dangerous and cruel enemy. They find themselves on a challenging journey.
They try to tackle the problems in their own way. Their closest allies are the gorgeous Russian lady Veronika who wins Senay's heart in no time and a former Russian soldier, Memedov.
But when it comes to the man who is a threat to all of mankind, it's not that easy to bring him to justice. Life will never be the same again for Senay and Ilber. They're no longer tradesmen struggling to make money. They are about to become heroes, struggling for the salvation of mankind.

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