A cynical, yuppy oil-firm executive (Peter Riegert) is dispatched to a small Scottish coastal town by his greedy boss (Burt Lancaster), with the aim of buying up land for commercial exploitation, so destroying an area that includes a stretch of environmentally sensitive coastland. Almost at once the place, with all its quirky inhabitants and stark beauty, begins to work its magic on not only the young man but also his boss when he in turn shows up in town.

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Simply the best film I've ever seen

This a film for anyone who has come back from a beach with shells in thier pocket. It is way more than a comedy, fabulous scenery, characters, storyline and acting (although the shrink in america is unnecessary). It makes me feel younger each time I see it (at least 10 times and counting).
When it came out in 1983 I watched it in the cinema and when it finished, I came out of the cinema and turned around and watched it again. The atmosphere lingers for days after watching it. I can't say that I ever did that with any other film. To this day it is my favorite film.


My favourite film.


Torre steve
One of my all time fave films.

Finally in HD

A classic film from the 80s, great cast of characters and a great soundtrack!!