As incarcerated serial-killer Henry Lee Bishop (Peter Fonda, Easy Rider, 3:10 to Yuma, Ghost Rider) serves his sentence on Death Row, strange happenings arise in his former home. Now a gloomy and neglected structure, the house, taken over by a murder-re-enactment voyeur website, is suddenly the setting for a new set of ghastly crimes, as one by one the actresses become genuine prey to a terrifying copy-cat killer. While the gristly string of homicides become increasingly more consistent, Detective Starks (Terrence Howard, Iron Man, TV’s Empire) seeks answers from Bishop himself. Filled with anger-fuelled determination whilst attempting to crack his steely demeanour, Starks finds himself in a race against time to disentangle the mystery, unearth the truth and hunt down the murderer.

Customer Reviews


Nicely done phsycological horror. Good cast make this one stand out.

Cast led horror!

Was really surprised by this! Love my horror house films and got told this was a good one but not that it also had Terence Howard and Peter Fonda. Huge fan of TH from Hustle and Flow through to Empire. Check this out!