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Living amongst the chaos of the Iran-Iraq war, Shideh is left to protect her young daughter, Dorsa. When a missile hits their apartment building but fails to explode, Shideh learns from a superstitious neighbour that the cursed missile might have brought in djinns - malevolent spirits that travel on the wind.

Customer Reviews

Intelligent, creepy and unique horror

Well, almost unique. Many elements resemble The Babadook: a stressed mother left to look after a child (thankfully nowhere near as annoying as the kid in the Babadook!) after her husband is drafted for the Iran/Iraq war. As the film progresses, increasingly unnerving events unfold around them. It's lot more grounded than the Babadook though, and also includes pointed critiques of life in post Cultural Revolution Iran, its effects on women and what life was like for civilians in one of the longest lasting wars of the 20th Century. Lots of shadows to live under, including the invisible ones. I didn't find it 'fast-paced' as one of the reviews claimed: the film builds its tensions slowly and subtly, with some genuinely creepy moments. Overall, this is a brilliant and intelligent addition to the horror genre. Highly recommended.