Psychotic Air Force General unleashes ingenious foolproof and irrevocable scheme sending bombers to attack Russia. U.S. President works with Soviet premier in a desperate effort to save the world.

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One of the All Time Greatest Films Ever Made

Stanley Kubrick is my favourite film director. No one can shoot a film like Stanley Kubrick, and ‘Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb’ shows this with (along with ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and Able Gance’s 1927 film ‘Napoleon’) the best cinematography you will ever see in a film.
The set design is amazing. And Peter Sellers is at his very best. With the combined genius of Stanley Kubrick and Peter Sellers, this film is just phenomenal.
I would have given this film “5 Stars”, but it not having any Extras that are available on Blu-ray is a big disappointment. So only a “3 Star” Rating, otherwise the film one of the few films that’s the definition of perfection.

Deliciously dark and funny.

Old Skool Trekkie
Peter Sellers at his Apex; from The President ,through the RAF Officer, to Doctor Strangelove. Classy and really engaging performances from all the actors and a motion from drama to comedy in performances that feels natural and not contrived (George C Scott was outstanding, but the same could be said of any actor in this film).
A Cold War satire at it's most intelligent and entertaining.


This movie is a classic British dark comedy. It's a deeply hilarious movie that will leave you quoting line for weeks after.